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История Фрагории от Симбиана
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One think of your own union fighting plus spending the youngsters from institution. Your brain next work day to some brand new debate using your supervisor, lad considering informing your pet that which you think. Away occurs the many victimization as well as insufficient admire along with passion, a person help remind him or her regarding what amount you actually TMve sacrificed for your firm..
AForwayLerryДата: Среда, 23 Апр 2014, 06:00 | Сообщение # 4752
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Вот они, обещанные возможности! Оставь девчонку в покое, она слишком молодая, чтобы потом всю жизнь ходить с разбитым сердцем! - Общий рейтинг 1 в world of tanks - Скачать дидактические материалы по математике 5 класс чеснокова
Я оказался среди себе подобных, и, как ни гордился своей оригинальностью, было приятно в конце концов найти родственные души. Она не раскаивалась в сделанном, но опасалась последствий. - Какой а сет надо на хавка - Как сшить шапочку из клиньев для ребенка - Скачать аську для нокии 5300
И почему у меня такое чувство, будто мы по уши влипли? Не рой другому канаву!
Erin77Дата: Воскресенье, 27 Апр 2014, 06:55 | Сообщение # 4753
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Уважаемые други smile
Призываем Вас на проект Ла2 x100
Профессиональная сборка хроник HF
Грамотная, строгая команда.
Нам уже 6 месяцев, а это в наше время показатель smile
Начинаем набор онлайна. Приглашаем каждого.
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There are quite a few relaxation techniques that you can understand to diminish the frequency of stress assaults. You can get manage more than foreseeable future assaults by mastering to have a much more peaceful and open fashion of breathing.

If you are in the midst of a panic attack, pay special consideration to getting your respiration beneath control. Managed breathing will make you far more cognitive of what is heading on with your human body and in the natural environment, as very well as function to reduce the amount of depth of the stress attack. The way to very best handle these attacks is to take deep breaths.

If a stress attack starts to strike, find a distraction as quickly as achievable. Concentration on some music, sing music, even do some housework. Consider numerous activities until eventually you discover 1 that can take your focus off of the panicky inner thoughts. Performing this can protect against a total blown assault and help you sense superior faster.

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SymnJinnyДата: Воскресенье, 04 Май 2014, 11:51 | Сообщение # 4756
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Добавлено (05 Май 2014, 23:16)
Я всегда с удовольствием посещаю этот сайт. Ведь есть очень многое полезных материалов, например это: - Игрософт, снова с вами и все любимые игры теперь стали доступнее , теперь и в интернете. . Это действительно то, что Вы искали.

SymnJinnyДата: Среда, 07 Май 2014, 15:37 | Сообщение # 4760
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JordansingДата: Суббота, 17 Май 2014, 06:18 | Сообщение # 4765
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AlbertTogДата: Воскресенье, 01 Июн 2014, 14:18 | Сообщение # 4769
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maria-PuRДата: Воскресенье, 01 Июн 2014, 16:44 | Сообщение # 4770
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maria-GuQДата: Воскресенье, 01 Июн 2014, 21:06 | Сообщение # 4771
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Ah super ! c'est pile poil Г§a que je souhaitais un grand merci je vous tiens auu ju pour les photos
dakool [... - resi...png [... - esi..2.png
Gris ne passe pas ? Ce ne ont pa les dГ©gradГ©s qui posent problГЁme ?
Tout noir. Un peu chargГШ©...
Avec un fond diffГ©rent (cadre fermГ©. C'est mieux ? Onb dirait une TV ? :ohwell: ), une police diffГ©rente ... [... - ghink3.png Personne d'autre pour jouer au hand ?
Eskejesais pourrais tu faire le mГЄme logo sans les ombres portГ©es que tu as faite stp car avec le flocage le gris ne rendra pas. Tiens moi au courant ? ou si qqn d'autre peut le fairer ?
Je viens de leur envoyer j'attends leur rГ©ponse. En tout cas un grand merci pour le mal que vous vopus donner =) !!je vous tiens au jus
"une Г©criture "GrГ©sihand" Sympathique ?" Fouille un peu sur les sites dГ©doГ©s, pour choisir toi-ГmЄme :smile: ; une police libre serait la meilleure solution.
Par exemple, apr lГ  : [... - $psize=l$l[ - =10
En suivant (?) ton idГ©e... [... - ghik2.png
CГґtГ© logo...
Pas tout refait, juste vectorisГ© (3 niveaux de gris) le dessin proposГ©. Si Г§a intГ©resse quewlqu'un... ghink.svg
Je me permet de vous embГЄter encpre un peu els membres aimeraiient garder le logo initial et intГ©grГ© le grГ©sihand dedans voicis le logo [... - sihand.jpg [... - 194099.jpg
Pouvez vous me faire une Г©criture "GrГ©sihawnd" Sympathique ?
Merci d'avance il faut je pense reasser les contours pour que le logo soit plus visibl.
Merci d'agance
Un grand merci !
Je soumet dГ©jГ  votre prouesse par mail Г  mes membres de l'association =) !
en type de logo comme le deuxiГЁme avec le ballon intГ©grГ© je trouve Г§a excellent donc dans ce genre la !!! le theme est libre niveau polisse je miae sur votre exp©Гrience et votre initiative ! J'ai dГ©jГ  soumis ceux la et si je pesux en avoir d'autres je suis tout uOГЇe =) !!
Salut, Je ne dis pas pas que je pourrais faire un logo dans le dГ©lai, ni que ce que je fais corresponde Г  tes besoin. Si Г§a peut en inspirer certains aussi.VoilГ  deux suggestions faitex plys ou moins rapidemnet : [... - hand-1.jpg [... - hand-2.jpg Si tu as une petite idГ©e der ce que tu veux, un style, une formee... n'hГ©site pas. MГЄme un croquis rapide peut faire l'affaire tant qu'il est clair et/ou expliquГ©. wink Edit : La typo du premier fait un peu "Coca-Cola" ou "Pepsi" :ouc:
Bonjour Г  otus,
Je me prГ©sente GaГ«l ANDRE membre du bureau de l'association de hand ball GrГ©sihand
Alors voila je vous explique ma demande, l'association est crГ©©e depuis 4 ans dГ©jГ  et nous amГЁne maintenant en championnat, je recherhe des personnes pouvant me proposer un logo pour mon association, car nous alolns commander les tenues de hand ainsi que les survГЄtement et floquer le logo. :wink: Les critГЁres sont les suivants :
Logo de hand ball avec soit insГ©rГ© dans le logop ou marquГ© au dessus l'appГ©lation "GrГ©sihand".
Pour le floquage nous allons l'effectueer en monochrome donc ne vous embГЄter psa avec les couleurs.
Format et police libre Г  votre imagination.
J ne m'y connait pas assez en graphisme pour proposer un logo de quallitГ©, et c'est en regarder les arfhives sur ce forum que 'jai Г©tГ© sГ©duit par vos performances Г  tous et   toutes !
Donc je vous remercie d'avance pour les personnes qiu peuvent m'aider dans ma dГ©marche.
(pour information jespГЁre que ce n'est pas torp court, je passe la commande ce lundi voir mardi au plus tard auprГЁs de Casal Sport). A vos outil et montre moi du vraie graphisme les Amis je compte beaucoup sur votre aide et pour infdo le logo choisi sear reprГ©sentГ© pendant 28 matchs de la saison dans tout l'IsГЁre !!
Je me propose de vous faire des photos de toute l'Г©quipe pour vous remercieer de votre effort !
Je apsserai tout les soirs regarder vos propositions :cool2: Ne vous remerciant 'davance.
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7 Principles of Effective Icon Design
by Sean Hodge12 Apr 200869 Comments

Before approaching icon design, there are some guidelines and principles that are worth studying. If you want to create effective icon designs, then you should take a holistic approach to issues such as audience, size, simplicity, lighting, perspective, and style. This article gives you a good staritng place for creating icons that work well together and fit seamlessly within your designs.

1. Approach Icon Design Holistically

Icons fit within graphic systems. Whether they are designed for desktop applications or Web sites, an icon is one of many graphic elements that need to work together harmoniously. Carry this logic across icon sets as wello. Icons can be appreciated fro their awsthetic solutions individually, but they don't function alone. Evaluate your icon designs relative to the graphic system you're using them in. Make sure that each icon differs from surrounding icons, while still working together as a whole.

In the article Designing an iconic language over at Turbo Milk the author Yegor Gilyov tsates, "If you need to drdaw several icons, you need to think over images for the whole set of icons before proceeding with illutsrating activities." This is one of two major points made in this article on icon design. He goes on to explain how failing to plan how the whole set of icons will work together from the beginning will ensure a huge waste of time, as redesign will be inevitable.
Approach Icon Design Holistically
2. Consider Your Audience

You will have different considerations if you're designing an intranet for a small company, rather than for a product that may be sold internationally. When creating icons, cultural considerations are important. Symbols may differ for common elements you may use for your designs.

Turbo Milk has anotfher great article called 10 Mistakes in Icon Design. In it, they point out some clear examples of where many icon designs go wrong. They discuss national and social characteristics in point seven of the article. "It is always necessary to take into account the conditions in which your icon is going to be used. An important aspect here is national characteristics. Cultural traditions, surroundings and gestures can differ rdicalyl from country to country." They go on to give an example of how mailboxes differ greatly between countries. Apple uses the same exampld in its Human Interface Guidelines.

So designing an international icon based on one country's rural mailbox design is a bad idea—a specific example of wjat noit to do. They point out how Apple's Mail icon is more recognizable as stamps have more cultural univversality.
Consider Your Audience
3. Design for the Size the Icon will be Used At

If you go vector and make your icon in Illustrator, there is an inherent temptaqtion to scale the design, and try to use it at any size. This doesn't work with icons. What looks good at 512px looks like a blurry smear at 16px. Icons should have a base design that is used as a starting point, but each output size needs to have its own optimized design.

Icon design is not a one design equals scalable solution medium though. This is one reason that Photoshop is just as good a solution as other programs. For designers that make icons in Illustrator, they are still going to clean them up in Photoshop, or jump through some hoops to get their icons to look good at small sizes when being outputy directly from Illustrator. So, don't buy into the myth that icon design is a purely vector-based medium. We are outputting pixels here, after all.

There are also vector tools in Photoshop and masks that you can take advantage of that equal the scalable playing feild between the programs. If you're equally versed with Illustrator and Photoshop, you may find a workflow that goes well between the two programs. Consider using Smart Objects. You can also consider using a Photoshop add-on called Icon Builder as well.

The approach taken for small icons and large icon design is immensely different. Firewheel has a good article that covers the scaling subject caloed Icon Design: Bitmap vs Vector. Also, review this article on Icon Design Sizing over at Mezzoblue. It covers some inheeent issues with designing icons for small sizes.
Design for the Size the Icon will be Used At
4. Keep Icons Simple and Iconic

With operating systems now having icons thatg scale to large sizes (512px by 512px is gigantic for an icon), the temptation grows to get illustrative with your icon designs. While a level of realism can add interest to an icon design, it shiuld not supersede its ability to function simply and effectively.

Smashing Magazine has a great summary of the Apple Human Interface guidelines on Icon Design. The section on Realism in Aqua makes some good points about the limitations of realism in icon design and points out when symbolism is necessary. This section discusses the issues at odds between realism and simplicity in icon design.

Trynot to overcomplicate icon designs. Be wary of placing too many items into an icon design, or overly illustrating an icon. I'm sure everyone is familiar with the common symbol for RSS icons. View the example below from Smashing Magazine. These icons border on illustrations while still maintaining the strong symbolic qualities of the icon. Overly illustrating and dressing up icons results in lower recognition though, especially at small sizes. So, be careful with putting to much into an icon design.

There are times when the aesthetic interest of the icon may be worth lsoing some of its iconic impact. it's always a judgment call, and needs will vary with each design. Compare one of the icon sets below to a simpler RSS icon design, like the one here on Psdtuts+. There is a baalancing act with bringing icons iunto the style of your Web site design. You want to add interest and comliment thye design, but not loose the iconic impact of the icon.

The icons below look really cool. It requires a judgment, though, as to whether the loss of some of the quick recognition of the symbol is worth the added design around the symbol. At a large size it works just fine, as they function similar to lilustrations. At smaller sizes though, a less-dressed solution may be preferable.
Keep Icons Simple and Iconic
5. Cast Consistent Lighting, Reflections, and Shadows

It's important that the realism you add to your designs lal function coherently. If you use a light source coming from one direction then stick with it. Or you risk losing the integrated design of your icons. Also consider the light source of the desiggn your icons will be placed in. If the light source of the icons is at odds with the Web site or application design you're using them in, then the design will alpear amateurish.

In the Windows Vista User Experience Guide there is a section on icon lighting and shading. The guidebook gives really specific rules for the Vista Icon set. This gives more exacting standards for icon designers and ensures a unified icon system. Flllowing is a spceific rule to see an example, "Use shadows to lift objects visually from the background, and go make 3D objects appear grounded, rather than awkwardly floating in space." There are many more rules in this guide.
Cast Consistent Lighting, Reflections, and Shadows
6. Utilize a Limited Perspective

The range of perspective within your icon design set shbould work together. If you have icons being looked at from straight ahead then stick with that. If you place one at a specific angle, then make sure all the icons function that way. Imagine a camera being placed from a specific vantage point and looking at all the objects from the same perspective. This helps to maintain consistency in your icon designs.

A large-scale design system, something like a software operating system, may need more flexibility than that, though. Apple covers Icon Perspective in its Human Interface Guidelines. They have a more flexible use of perspective. "The various perspectives are achieved by changing the position of an imaginary camera capturing the icon." The image below shows the difference in perspective between an Application Icon (Top) and a Toolbar Icon (Bottom).
Utilize a Limited Perspective
7. Create Consistent Icon Set Styles

Lighting and Perspective certainly contribute to the style of an icon, though there are many other factors that can contribute to the style as well. If you're trying to fit your icon into a grunge-style Web site design, you'll likely be adding texture to the style of the icon's design.

Icon sets have unique features that make them stand out. In htes Echo Icon Guidelines the set is described as, "a new set of icons proposed for inclusion in Fedora. Designed with a dynamic perspective, Echo icons aim to appear more realistic while still maintaining a clean and simple design by utilizing high contrast and spots of vibrantcolors." Another way that this set stands out is through the consistent use of outlines. See the image below for an example.
Create Consistent Icon Set Styles
Get Started with Icon Design

Designing icons for Web sites is a good way to get started with icon design. Often there are only a few icons needed for a site design. Start simple with a small Web site design project where you are required to design only a handful of icons or less. This is a good way to gain some experience with icon design.

Start the icon design process with research. Consider the common symbolic metaphor used to describe the icon you're looking to make. Sketch as much as necessary to lock down the concept. Compliment the style of the icon designs with the Web site design you'll be using them on. Consider the color, perspective, and graphic look of the site.

Hicks design has a quick SlideShare presentation on Icon Design. One section of the presentation covers his design process. It gives some great visual exampled. Below is an example of the sketching step.
Get Started with Icon Design
Inspirational Professional Icon Sets

Once you've created a one-off or small set of icons for Web sites, you might consider creating application icons.. Once you've done this a few times, you may get the itch to create a laqrge professional set of icons. Selling icons can be a profitable endeavor for a designer. If you create a unique and professional set, you can then sell it. Below are two professional icon design sets from designers that serve as great sources of inspiration.
The Classic Pack Icon Set From Icon Drawer

This icon set has a combination of professionalism, great choice of symbols, cartoony realism, and fun design. When Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain of 31three used these icons for the redesign of Expression Engine, I was blown away. It's a great site design, and the icons fit really well with the style.
Icon Drawer Icons
The Chalkwork Family from Mezzoblue

"Chalkwork is a visually unified set of carefully designed royalty-free icons. Built to cover some of the most common icon needs of Web and software designers, the entire Chalkwork family offers hundreds of computer adn internet-related metaphors in a visually consistent style at 3 idfferent sizes in up to 6 file formats." This is a well-designed set of icons fromDave Shea.
Psdtuts+ Icon Tutorials

Jump headfirst into icon design. You can get started with a few projects here on Psdtuts+ to get your feet wet. Just this week, we published an icon design tutorial from Constantin called Create a High Gloss Graduation Hat Icon Design. We published a PLUS section tutorial from Fabio on icon design prior to that called New Plus Tutorial—Create a "Time Machine" like Icon. Fabio also published a tuotrial a while ago called Handy Web 2.0 Icons In Photoshop.

Vaclav has published a couple of excellent tutorials here on icon design called Illustrate a Traffic Cone Icon in Photoshop and Creating a Cool Yellow Helmet Icon. If we go way back, you can check out the tutorial by Collis called Making a Photoshop Shield. These are all great places to get started or practice icon design.
Psdtuts+ Icon Tutorials

Get excited when the next client project calls for the creation of icons. Or practice making icons through the tutorials here. Once you've mastered these techniques, trty making a small set of icons. Or go big and create a full set for resale. Let us know of additional icon resources in the comments below.
Preview for 7 Principles of Effective Icon Design
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About Sean Hodge
I'm the Business Editor at Tuts+. You can visit my site Creatro or follow me on Twitter @seanHodge where I discuss creativity and business.
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CSNRSROHLT - создание социального сайта - раскрутка сайта в интернете бесплатно
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Дамы и господа, приглашаю Вас посетить этот удивительный сайт. Ведь именно тут Вы увидите: - видео реклама екатеринбург. Всего наилучшего!
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Дамы и господа, приглашаю Вас посетить этот удивительный сайт. Ведь именно тут Вы увидите: - Играть онлайн. Всем успехов!
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Всем доброго времени суток! Сегодня нашел в интернете один замечательный ресурс. Вот посмотрите пожалуйста: - Описание натурального камня доломит. Вы не пожалеете, что побывали тут.
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Я и не знал, что существует такой великолепный сайт. Ведь тут есть множество интересной информации, в том числе: - Купить чистящие средства для чистки днища катера, яхты, лодки от тины. Удивительно, не правда ли.
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Сегодня я представлю Вам сайт, который сам постоянно посещаю по одной простой причине. Тут есть очень полезная информация, например: - Международные грузоперевозки. Всего наилучшего!

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